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Tyres in Harlow

Your Tyre Problems Solved

If you've got a problem with your tyres we have the solution. Whether it's a puncture, or just a worn-out tyre, we can get your car back on the road, quickly and cheaply.

Why Choose Us?

Harlow drivers choose us, and come back to us, because we offer:

  • great prices
  • wide range of tyres
  • quick fitting
  • friendly, helpful service
  • clear pricing

Tyre services

We only fit tyres provided by ourselves, which are balanced and fitted with a new valve. We dispose of the old tyre for you, in an approved manner.

Whilst every precaution is taken to prevent damage when changing tyres on alloy wheels, and to tyre pressure monitoring systems (“tpms”), there is always an element of risk of this when removing the tyre. It is also possible that the tpms valve is already damaged prior to the tyre being removed. The customer should be aware of this before work commences. Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for this.

Unfortunately, we only replace/repair up to and including 24” tyres.

Please bring your locking wheel nut into reception.


  • Puncture repair on wheel: £20 + VAT (balancing, New valve, mushroom repair, disposal of old tyre)
  • Bead seal repair: £25 + VAT
  • Swap a wheel around: £10 + VAT (if swapping tyres from rear to front, then they must be balanced by us)
  • Wheel balance only: £10 + VAT
  • New valve used: £10 + VAT
  • High pressure valve (common on Transit): extra £5 + VAT

A wide range of tyres in stock

We always have a wide range of tyres in stock in our Harlow garage. Plus, we can quickly order in anything out of the ordinary.

We stock, supply and fit:

  • sports car tyres
  • premium tyre brands
  • tried and trusted brands such as Dunlop, Michelin, Goodyear and Pirelli
  • newer brands such as Falken, Hankook and Yokohama
  • great value economy brands.

To cut your costs even more we also supply a selection of part worn tyres.


Tyre change in Harlow

Tyre Fitting

Our tyre fitting includes new valves, wheel balancing and correct disposal of the old tyre. (Disposal of old tyres is controlled by law, and must be done by a licensed waste carrier.)

Puncture Repairs

Has your car tyre got a puncture? We can often repair punctures, and costs start from as little as £15.00+VAT: much cheaper than a new tyre. If a repair is not possible we can replace the tyre quickly: we have a wide range of tyres in stock.

Don't risk an MoT fail

Faulty tyres are one of the most common reasons for cars to fail the MoT. Tyres cause a fail when they are worn, damaged, incorrectly inflated, incorrectly fitted, or not matched to the other tyre on the same axle.

If your MoT is coming up, don't risk a fail and the inconvenience of a retest. Let us check your tyres for you.

How to check tread depth

Checking that your tyres have a safe and legal tread depth is very important. It is also quick and easy if you follow this advice from the RAC.

It's simple. All you need is a 20p piece.

Look after your tyres

Keeping your car on the road requires looking after the tyres. Worn tyres are not just a MoT fail: they may reduce the safety of the car, and may invalidate your insurance. We can replace worn out tyres quickly, so you can stay on the road.

Getting tyre pressures right is important. Under inflated tyres suffer more wear to the inner and outer edges of the tyre, and use more fuel. Over inflation wears the centre of the tyre and compromises the handling of the car.

Impartial safety advice

Charity TyreSafe offer impartial advice on looking after your tyres, including a service that tells you the correct tyre pressures for your car based on it's make. model and year.

Their site offers a lot of information on tread depth, safety, labelling and more.

Solve your Harlow car tyre problems by simply calling 01279 445858.